Examination and Promotion


The main objective of evatuation at school level is to help the learner to improve their achievement in academic and co-carrcular activity and to develop healthy attitude to wards life and develop life and develop life skills and values.

Continous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) refers to system of school based evaluation of school that cover all the aspects of growth and developments based on day to day activities. In order to improve the teaching-learning process, there will be formative and summative assessment.

1. FA :-The formative evaluation includes class test assignment, project , home work and unit test.

2. SA :-summative assessments are conducted at the end of 1st term(April-Sep). and at the end of second term(October-March) these are usually graded test like traditional examination..

3. Promotion of the students to next higher class is assessed on the basic of the grades obtained in scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

4. The syllabus in each subject has been distributed term wise for each class.

  • Term1 :April to September
  • Term2 :October to March
  • For class I to Class VIII Term 1 and Term 2 will have the following weightage

  • Term1 FA1 (10%)+FA2(10%)+SA1(30%) Total:50%
  • Term1 FA3 (10%)+FA4(10%)+SA2(30%) Total:50%

The farmative Assessment will comprise the project, Assignments,activities,class test and period test, FA and summtive assessment in class IX and X will be followed by latest CBSE circulars

Educational Program

Kids Library and Toy Bank

For the kids we provide separate library and toy.

Computer Lab with Wi-Fi

Our computer lab is fully Wi-Fi enable and advance computer system.

Talent Music Classess

We provide music classes Like Dabla,Guitar etc for students.

Robotics Classes

We provide Robotics Classes within campus for school students.

Karate Classes

We provide Karate Classes within campus for school students.

Multimedia Activity Room

In our school a Multimedia Activity Room for Students.